Staples For Any Application

Staples for your application - all popular types and sizes. Major brands, including Salco, Bostitch, Arrow, Duo-Fast, JK, Rapid, as well as highest-quality interchange types with value pricing to fit all major tool brands.

SALCO has access to many other staples and hog rings beyond those listed in this catalog. Should you require a fastener that you cannot find listed, we can order just about any staple or fastener that has ever been manufactured. Please contact our  customer service stapling specialists for availability, pricing, and lead time on these items.

If the staples are not manufactured anymore, or you need custom staples, you can also place a Special Order to manufacture staples. However, Special Order Products are handled outside of our normal Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please call Toll Free for more information.

  • Staples (by Brand)

    Salco carries OEM and interchange industrial staples for all popular industrial stapling tools.
  • Office Staples

    Salco Blue Streak (EBS), Rapid, Bostitch, Staplex, Swingline, Stago, high carbon, colored, and loop office staples.
  • Carton Closing Staples

    A-type, C-type, JK 53/ 560/ 561 /590, SW9060 (tri-wall) carton closing staples
  • PowerCrown Staples

    SCCR25,SCCR5019, SHCR5019/ H2B; STCR2115, STCR2619, STCR5019, STCR2619, STCR5019 staples
  • Stainless Steel Staples

    Stainless Stees staples - from 26 GA to 15 GA staples for your application!
  • MONEL Rust-Poof Staples

    Monel Rustproof Staples for Marine, Car Upholstery and other applications.
  • Roll (Coil) Staples

    Roll (coil) carton closing staples SWC7437, ISM, Lock 888 / JK 555
  • Upholstery staples

    Most popular #7, #8 series, and T50 series upholstery staples
  • Flooring Staples

    15 GA (15S4, BSC15); 16 GA (16S2, 16S4, Senco P); 18 GA (SX5035); 20 GA (SB97) flooring staples
  • Divergent Staples

    A11, 92 series; STCR2619; Duofast 50, 54 series, Markwell, Reliable divergent staples
  • Cartridge Staples

    Cartridge (Cassette) Staples for Rapid 5020, 5050, 5080 electric staplers
  • Fence Staples

    Fasco Fence Staples 10 1/2 GA. Two divergent points.
  • Special Order Staples

    We can order just about any staple or fastener that has ever been manufactured!