Industrial Staplers From Staple Headquarters


Buying the correct automatic industrial stapler for a specific application requires carefully matching the stapler and its staple to its intended use. Just like with other power commercial staplers, you need informed expert advice to assist you in selecting the proper staple tools for your project. We have been exclusively in the stapling business for over 70 years and are dedicated to matching customer needs with the best commercial power staplers and heavy-duty staple guns to meet those needs.

We carry a full line of various automatic industrial staplers and electric and pneumatic staple and nail guns for wood, hog-ring guns, pinners, and other specialty tools suited for all fastening applications. We carry major commercial stapler brand names, as well as our own Salco brand. All our power staplers include a full warranty and parts and service resources in support of commercial, industrial, and DIY uses. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of power staple tools, and most items ship the same day they are ordered. We provide unmatched customer service including full after-sales warranty service, repairs, and parts. Our industrial staplers, heavy-duty staple guns, and stapling products will meet or exceed your requirements, at competitive prices. Check out our selection of industrial stapler guns today!

  • Search Tools by Brand

  • Hand Pliers

    All popular plier staplers for a multitude of office, print shop, film development, and light industrial applications.
  • Gun Tackers

    A complete range of light, and medium-duty manual gun tackers for Do-It-Yourself and commercial applications.
  • Office Staplers

    We offer all types of desktop, electric, long-reach, and heavy duty office staplers. For stapling up to 180 sheets of paper.
  • Bindery Staplers

    Manual, Electric, and Heavy Duty staplers for for stapling pads or booklets up to 180 sheets of paper. Staplex, Salco, Kangaro brands.
  • Electric Staple Guns

    Electric staple guns for Upholstery and Other Applications - Arrow, Salco, Fasco Maestri brands. Arrow Cordless electric staple gun available.
  • Hammer Tackers

    We offer a complete line of hammer tackers for tagging, insulation, roofing, upholstery, and other applications. Arrow, Bostitch, Rapid, Salco brands.
  • Pneumatic Staple Guns

    15-23 GA pneumatic staple guns for corrugated-to-wood, wood-to-wood, upholstery, and miscellaneous industrial applications.
  • Pneumatic Plier Staplers

    Pneumatic plier staplers for light, medium, and heavy duty packaging, and various industrial stapling applications. JK, Bostitch, and Salco brands.
  • Picture Frame Staplers

    Manual & electric staplers, nailers, and point drivers. For easel-back ready-made, and flat-back picture and art framing applications.
  • Hog Ring Tools

    We carry a complete line of brand-name hand and pneumatic hog-ring tools for a full range of applications. Max water-tight bag sealer for food industry.
  • Carton Closing Staplers

    We offer a wide range of staplers for corrugated carton boxes and carton packaging. Bostitch, Josef Kihlberg, Fasco, Spotnails, and Salco brands.
  • Bradders & Nailers

    Light Duty micro bradders, tackers, staple & nail guns for upholstery, picture framing etc.
  • Upholstery Staplers

    We offer several gun tackers that are suitable for upholstery work, both pneumatic and electric. Special Long Nose upholstery staplers available.
  • Flooring Tools

    Bostitch and Spotnails Flooring staplers for solid and engineered hardwood flooring installation. Spotnails staple guns for radiant heat flooring.
  • Fence Staplers

    The powerful new fence staplers from FASCO are ideal for any type of wire fences. Powerful Gas / Battery Fence stapler available.
  • Steel Strapping Tools

    Sealless combination tools for regular and high tensile steel strapping. Sealless 3-notch punch joint effectively prevents the strap from reopening.
  • Strip Nailers & SCRAILer

    Fasco air strip nailer & SCRAILer. Uses strip nails, SCRAILes, and concrete pins.