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Pneumatic Staple Guns

Air powers our pneumatic staple guns, as opposed to other manual and electric options. Air staple guns provide numerous advantages including efficiency, easy tool repairs, and lower maintenance requirements. Salco’s pneumatic staple guns collection boasts light, medium, and heavy-duty options, making it easy to find a tool that accommodates your needs. If you are working with tough materials, such as plywood or sub-flooring, opt for the heavy-duty air staple gun. When working with lighter materials in tighter spaces, the light-duty air operated stapler is best.

Staple guns - Light, medium, and heavy duty pneumatic staplers for corrugated-to-wood, wood-to-wood applications, case goods, furniture and upholstery, construction, cabinetry, and miscellaneous industrial use.


  • Light Duty Staple Guns 20-23 Ga

    Comfortable, light weight and maneuverable, these tools are smallest staple guns with long lasting components
  • Medium Duty Staple Guns 18-19 Ga

    18-19 Ga Air Staple Guns for Felt insulation, Doors and windows, Light packaging, Profiled boards, Trim and molding, Light framing, Cabinetry
  • Heavy Duty Staple Guns 15-16 Ga

    Powerful staple guns for Plywood sheathing, Decking materials, Furniture frames, Sub-flooring, Window and door units, etc.
  • Wide Crown Staple Guns

    15/16" - 1" Crown Staple Guns for packaging, roofing, crating, insulation, corrugated to wood, and radiant floor applications.