Hog Rings

Salco offer SPENAX type hog rings made by KHF (USA) and Salco hog rings made by Mainpack. C-type, D-type, stainless, and Aluminum rings available. Bostitch  brand Spenax Hog Rings are available - call for pricing.

Sharp-end hog-rings:  Used for closing burlap or other woven materials through which the ring ends must penetrate in order to clinch the ring and secure the material.

Blunt-end hog-rings:  Used for closing poly or other types of bags where the ring-ends do not penetrate the material being bound or fastened, or where a snag-free ring closure is desired. 

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See Also:

  • Stainless Steel Hog Rings

    Stainless steel hog rings - Stanley Spenax and KHF (USA) brands
  • 1-1/2-in Hog Rings 11 GA

    11-40 series hog ring staples, 1-1/2-inch open size; 9/16-inch closing size. Used in Bostitch SC50T, KHF C151.
  • 3/4-inch Hog Rings 15 GA

    15-100 series hog rings: 3/4-inch open size; 3/16-inch or 5/16" closing size. Used in Bostitch SC7, SC7C, SC77XE, SC4LWH;
  • 1/2-inch Hog Rings 16 GA

    516 series hog rings. 1/2-inch open; 1/8- or 3/16-inch closing size. Used in Bostitch SC760, SC761, SC760CT, SC460CT.
  • 3/4-inch Hog Rings 16 GA

    16-110 series Hog Rings: 3/4- inch open size; 3/16-inch closing size. Used in Bostitch SC743, Salco SC743-16.
  • 11/16-in Hog Rings 16 GA

    SR8 (Spenax RING616) series hog rings. 11/16-inch open; 9/32-inch closing size. Used in Bostitch P7, Salco HR 7P.
  • 1-3/16-inch D-Rings 9 GA

    Spenax RING09AL25 type hog rings. 1-3/16-inch open size; 7/16-inch closing size. Used in Bostitch HFP9.
  • 3/4-inch D-Rings 15 GA

    Bostitch RINGSR15 D-type hog rings: 3/4-inch open size, 1/4-inch close size. Used in Bostitch TR201, TR203, TR315, KHF G22 tools.
  • 9/16-inch D-Rings 15 GA

    515-50 (Bostitch RINGR15G50) D-type Hog Rings: 9/16-inch open size, 1/4-inch closed. Used in Bostitch RINGER 9/16, TR201, TR203, TR315.
  • Max Hog Rings

    MAX 711, 713 Aluminum hog rings. Used in HR-PS II MAX bag sealers.
  • Max Hog Rings (Reel)

    MAX 711, 713 REEL Aluminum hog rings. Used in HR-AH 713 MAX air bag sealers.
  • Vine Hog Rings

    Rapid steel hog rings for manual vine priers.