Upholstery Staplers

There are several gun tackers that are suitable for upholstery work, both pneumatic and electric. For maximum ease of use, our Co2 accessory pack for pneumatic tools is very popular as it allows use unencumbered by air hoses or electrical cords. If you contemplate working with very hard seat-base materials and prefer an electric tacker, we strongly recommend the Salco electric tackers as they have 20% more driving power than conventional electric staplers.
Another factor in your choice will be if you want to have the option to use stainless steel staples for increased resistance to corrosion, as might be important for working on patio or porch furniture. The F15/7116 electrics have SS staples available as does the F1B 50-15 and F1B 7C-16 pneumatic tackers. Certain other tool models do not offer this option.
Depending on the size of the hog ring required, we have two inexpensive manual hog ring tools that are suitable for a marine upholstery application. Our HR-7P plier uses 11/16" rings [9/32" closed ID] which are available in stainless steel. The HFP-9 plier uses 1 3/16" rings [7/16" closed ID] which are made of aluminum. Both tools are durable and easy to use.

How to determine staple size for upholstery application:

In choosing the proper staple leg length for a job, there are two basic things to consider:
1. Thickness of material to be stapled.
2. Hardness of the wood.

As a general rule, in hardwood, approximately 3/16” to 1/4” penetration into the wood is sufficient, and for softwood – up to approximately 3/8” should be sufficient. The staple should be flush with the underlying surface. However, if the staple used is not flush with the underlying surface, – we recommend the next shorter leg length for desired results.

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