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Hand Tackers

A complete range of light, medium, and heavy-duty manual hand tackers for DIY and commercial applications. These include, but are not limited to, fencing, upholstery, wood and plastic trim, tagging, duct, and general insulation jobs.? We offer a wide range of hand tackers to suit virtually any application, including specialized ones requiring outward clinch stapling.?
A wide array of staples is available to suit every need, including corrosion-resistant stainless-steel, and nearly invisible 18 ga. brads to meet esthetic concerns in decorative and woodwork applications.
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  • BTFP71875 pneumatic gun tacker for wood-to-wood, upholstery, canvas, carpet, and general construction applications where a medium-wire staple or 18 ga. brad is required.
    $60.90 EA
  • A light-duty manual tacker for general DIY applications, canvas, upholstery, wood and plastic trim.
    $13.15 EA
  • A durable all-metal manual tacker for light-duty commercial applications, displays, upholstery, canvas, wood and plastic trim.
    $22.25 EA
  • All-metal manual tacker for applications involving thinner materials, labeling, plastic trims, light fabrics, paper-goods.
    $28.00 EA
  • A medium-duty hand tacker for general use, wood trims, canvas, signage, heavier uplostery.
    $42.00 EA
  • The only manual gun tacker that produces an outward-clinch for duct and general insulation, tagging applications.
    $49.20 EA
  • Medium-duty, general purpose Bostitch manual tacker.
    $28.05 EA
  • An outward-clinch manual gun tacker for heavier duct and general insulation, plastics joinery, tagging applications.
    $49.20 EA