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Used by cowhands riding fence for miles, horse enthusiasts maintaining smaller pastures, and hobby farmers constructing animal pens, fence staples can make the difference between corralling livestock and letting them escape. Staple Headquarters supplies corrosion-resistant, galvanized wire fence staples to handle your fencing needs. These barbed staples have divergent legs to offer superior holding power to keep your wire fencing firmly attached to fenceposts, keeping animals in and predators out.

These Fasco fence staples are made in Europe using a hot-dipped galvanizing process that layers protective zinc on the wire for long life. Packed in boxes of 1,500 staples, a few boxes should cover long stretches of fence for repair, extension, or reinforcement. Order yours today and keep your fences strong to mark the boundaries of your property and keep your livestock and pets in while discouraging trespassers. Find staples for fences here at Staple Headquarters.

Fencing staples 10 1/2 GA for Fasco fence staplers. The two divergent points and the patent pending Diamond Coating ensure an excellent holding power compared to manual installation.


  • Fencing
  • Erosion Control & Agriculture
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