Bostitch Crown Staples

Bostitch PowerCrown type staples, Bostitch, Salco, and Fasco brands.

  • SCCR25

    9/16-inch crown, 23 Gauge, Fits Bostitch foot stitchers
  • SCCR5019

    9/16-inch Crown, 20 Gauge Crown Hammer tacker staples
  • SHCR5019 / H2B

    1/2-inch crown hammer tackers fine wire staples
  • STCR2115 / Bostitch B8 Staples

    7/16-inch Crown staples. Fits ALL Stanley-Bostitch B8, B8e staplers
  • STCR2619 / T5 Light Duty Staples

    7/16-inch Light Duty PowerCrown Staples. Fit Bostitch H30-6, T5-6, P6C-6; most STCR2619 series staplers and hammer tackers
  • STCR5019 Staples Heavy Duty

    7/16-inch Crown Heavy Duty PowerCrown Staples. Fit Bostitch PC 1000/3000/4000/5000, H30-8, JB600, P6C-8, T6-8
  • STH2619

    1/2-inch Crown staples. Fit P6C-6 series Bostitch staplers
  • STH5019

    7/16-inch Crown staples. Fit Bostitch P6C-8 Series, JB600