Water-tight Hog Ring Bag Sealers

Max manual hermetic bag sealers (packners). The are used to seal poly-bags air- and water-tight, and also to close net bags. Great for fruits, vegetables, meats, live fish or any bag packaging application where hermetic, corrosion-proof closure is desirable or required. Uses Aluminum 711 and 713 VO-AR rings, 7/16" and 9/16".

The Max HR-PSII is a unique bag and net bag ring sealer that provides a hermetic, air and water-tight closure. Stainless steel construction using two sizes of aluminum rings with adjustable closure ID. Used for sausage and other food tube closure, live fish or other animal shipping packaging. Any bag closure where air-and water-tight integrity must be maintained. The most economical hermetic bag sealer available on the US market.
Made in Japan.
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