Tri-Wall Staples from Staple Headquarters

Triple-wall corrugated boxes are a challenge to close securely. They’re tough and thick, and the staples that can penetrate them must be both strong and long enough to penetrate the triple layers of the cartons.

You choose triple-wall shipping boxes to protect goods in transit. But that protection can fail if the boxes aren’t fastened shut properly. Tri-wall staples from Staple Headquarters are your answer to fastening triple-walled corrugated boxes. In an attractive and recognizable copper color, these liquor-finish copper staples are compatible with Salco TW-32, TW-38, Salco LJ, and ISM Giant staplers. Protect the contents of your triple-walled corrugated cardboard cartons and boxes by closing them with tri-wall staples from Staple Headquarters.

SW9060 type carton staples for triple wall corrugated boxes, Liquor Finish (Copper). Salco brand, interchangeable with Bostitch SW9060 staples. 12,000 (12M) staples per carton.

Fit Salco TW-32, TW-38, Salco LJ, ISM Giant Staplers.

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