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Employee handbooks, scientific papers, and instruction manuals are all hefty resources. Binding these documents can be a costly headache for small businesses. However, Staple Headquarters offers Staplex staplers that can punch through up to 120 pages, making binding thick documents easier.

Staplex electric staplers make fastening thick documents simple. Long-reach designs enable center saddle stitch binding that allows readers to turn pages like a book, rather than flipping pages over at the corner with one hand while the other tries to hang on to the rest of the document. Shop for Staplex staplers at Staple Headquarters, and enjoy our same-day shipping and a 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Staplex® S700-1NHL: For applications up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. paper.  Will staple denser card stock as well. Optional foot switch available.

Staplex® SU 100N Super Heavy-duty Bindery Stapler: A super heavy-duty bindery stapler engineered with extra power to staple up to 120 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper.  Designed for those difficult, dense material stapling applications. Uses the "23" series staple. 

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  • Staplex Long reach electric stapler by Salco. Staples up to 40 sheets of 20-lbs paper.
    $1,005.00 EA
  • Staplex heavy duty electric stapler. Staples up to 120 sheets of paper. Uses 23 series staples. Made in USA
    $1,175.00 EA