Spotnails Pneumatic Tools

Spotnails is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic staple guns for almost 60 years.  The company manufactures a wide range of industrial staple guns for upholstery, packaging, furniture and case-goods, construction, manufactured housing, and many other industries.
Made at Spotnails’ own manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Korea, and Taiwan.  All carry OEM factory warranties backed and serviced in the U.S.  Spotnails is a premier brand sold and serviced by Salco, your Staple Headquarters®.

We offer all the most popular models of Spotnails fine wire gun tackers. Long Nose staple guns have an extended 2-inch nose for stapling in tight corners or spaces such as upholstery applications with limited access for fastening materials.  Spotnails Auto Fire models of gun tackers are designed for high speed fastening of fabrics and materials to wood or composite frameworks.  They are significantly faster and  more efficient for any application where multiple in-line stapling is required.  Extended magazine models are also available to greatly reduce the production downtime required for re-loading the stapler.  In addition, Spotnails’ pneumatic fine-wire gun tackers are available to use narrow, medium, or wide crown staple types allowing the user to match the staple crown-width to needed holding strength of the staple and the requirements of the materials being stapled.   

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