Rocama Staplers


Rocama hand tackers provide flexibile and moderate power that’s perfect for a variety of construction and do-it-yourself household projects. Use these Rocama professional staplers for repairs around the home or shop, or for light construction projects. We supply Rocama manual staplers useful for light framing, windows, cabinets, bedding, and more.

You can be confident about your work with Rocama hand tackers. These Rocama staplers are quality tools and fasteners with reputations for durability and effectiveness. Staple Headquarters supplies all your fasterner needs at reasonable prices that won’t bust your budget. Shop Staple Headquarters online for all your Rocama staplers and other manual and power staple and nail gun needs.

  • A medium-duty hand tacker for general use, wood trims, canvas, signage, heavier uplostery.
    $42.00 EA
  • Professional manual metal tacker similar to Bostitch PC4000-OC1 & Bostitch PC4000-OC2. Uses Bostitch STCR5019 staples.
    $39.00 EA