Monel Rust-Proof Staples


Monel Staples from Salco. Made in USA and Europe.

Typically, stainless steel staples are corrosion-resistant for extended periods of time, but they aren’t completely rust-proof in all circumstances. This is because there is a small amount of iron in the steel wire alloy, and it’s the iron that rusts.?Monel rust-proof staples?are indefinitely?rust-proof,?as there is a high nickel content in the wire. These rust-free staples also are immune to galvanic action which can cause corrosion when stainless steel staples are in contact with other metals, such as screening, fencing, or steel mesh. When appearance and durability are critical for applications that must endure humidity or outdoor conditions, use Monel rust-proof staples from Staple Headquarters. You won’t be disappointed!

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