Kangaro 23 Series Office Staples

Kangaro staples 23 series, interchangeable with Bostitch SB35 type heavy duty staples. High carbon. Galvanized, chisel point leg staples, 1,000 / box. Interchangeable with  s.f.13 series Swingline Heavy-Duty interchange staples, Rapid 23. Kangaro brand, made in India.
Kangaro Heavy Duty Staples were engineered for optimum performance in most heavy duty staplers. Made from exceptional quality high carbon wire to reduce buckling and jamming. The chisel points deliver maximum penetration for maximum sheet capacity. For use in heavy duty staplers.
Fit tools: all Bostitch B8 staplers and pliers, Kangaro heavy duty office staplers and gun tackers.
Staple Leg Length # pages
1/4" 2-25
3/8" 25-55
1/2" 55-85
5/8" 85-130
13/16" 130-165
15/16" 165-215
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