Kangaro® Staplers


  • Heavy duty office stapler DS-12S for professionals. Uses 23 series high carbon staples up to 11/16.
    $44.90 EA
  • Salco long reach stapler heavy duty. Staples up to 140 sheets. 10.5 throat depth. Uses 23 series high carbon staples. Free Shipping on order.
    $99.00 EA
  • Kangaro HD-23L24FL super heavy duty long reach stapler stapler. For booklet binding applications. Staples up to 180 sheets. Uses 23 series staples.
    $119.00 EA
  • Kangaro HD-23S super heavy duty stapler staples up to 180 sheets of paper. 2-year Salco warranty!
    $53.90 EA
  • A light-duty manual tacker for general DIY applications, canvas, upholstery, wood and plastic trim.
    $13.15 EA
  • A durable all-metal manual tacker for light-duty commercial applications, displays, upholstery, canvas, wood and plastic trim.
    $22.25 EA