Jacpack CO2 Cylinders from Staple Headquarters


JacPac products are an advancement in pneumatic tool support. The JacPac CO2 compressor kit hooks onto your belt and uses a compressed CO2 cylinder to power standard pneumatic tools that operate at 20 to 100 psi. No need to rent a separate air compressor.

Purchase the entire system, or empty refillable 20 oz canisters to use with the system you already own. These JacPac products make using pneumatic tools in tight spaces much easier. You won’t be tethered to a portable or fixed air compressor, and you’ll be able to move about the workspace without creating a tripping hazard for your colleagues. Explore the JacPac products for powering pneumatic tools at Staple Headquarters today!

  • 20 oz cylinder for JacPac CO2 compressor kit for The JacPac CO2 power system.
    $35.00 EA