Pneumatic Hog Ring Guns

We carry three lines of brand-name pneumatic hog-ring guns, using C and D size rings, for a full range of applications; our Salco brand, Bostitch, and KHF.

Stanley hog ring gans are available in a variety of models, both manual and pneumatic.  They are premium price tools designed and manufactured in the U.S. for the most demanding production environments, with a Bostitch 60 day Limited Warranty [US & Canada only].  Both C-ring and D-ring models are available.
Salco hog-ring pliers are also available in manual and pneumatic models, comparable to Stanley Bostitch models.  They are value-priced, made in Taiwan.  Proven designs with excellent quality and durability, protected by a Salco 1 year Unlimited Warranty.
Salco SC7E-15 pneumatic hog ring gun with 1-7/8" extended nose. Similar to Stanley Bostitch SC7 and Salco SC7-15 except nose length. For large bag closure, fencing, car/boat seat upholstery, bedding, etc. Uses RING15 3/4" OD C-ring 15 ga. Closes to 5/16" - 27/64" ID. Stainless steel blunt tip rings available.
The KHF C1511 Super heavy-duty pneumatic hog ring gun is for large bag closures requiring a 1-1/2” OD ring with ID closure adjustable between 9/16” [14mm] and 5/8” [15mm].  Comparable to the Bostitch SC50T.  Made in the U.S. and carries a 90 day Limited Warranty.
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