Empire Staples

Salco offers a wide range of Empire interchange staples, that are not listed on that page. Please call Toll Free for more information and to place the order.
We sell Fasco brand staples made in Europe. Fasco is one of the oldest and largest OEM staple manufacturers in the world.  We also sell Spotnails brand staples. We unconditionally guarantee the quality of our staples – at the best price online.

  • Empire 6 staples

    Empire 6 series staples 1/2-inch Crown, 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Atro 64,Duo Fast 30, BEA 72, Prebena AB, Haubold 1800
  • Empire 7 Staples

    Empire 7 series staples, 3/8-inch crown, 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Senco C, Bea 71, Atro 72, Rainco 7, JK-670, Prebena V.
  • Empire 8 staples

    Empire 8 series staples 1/2 inch Crown, 20 gauge. Interchangeable with BEA 80/380, Atro 8, JK680, Haubold 800, Rainco 8, Prebena A.
  • Empire 9 Staples

    Empire 9 series staples 3/16-inch Crown, 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Asco 9, Rainco 9, Paslode N-30