Easy Staple Gun Crafts You Should Try


Easy Staple Gun Crafts You Should Try

If you shoveled out closets and decluttered your home during 2020’s prolonged periods of social distancing, you probably came across a lot of stuff you can repurpose. Use these easy staple gun crafts you should try to upcycle unused furniture and fabric.

Turn an Old Coffee Table Into a Bench

The top of a coffee table takes a beating over the years. You probably gave up on coasters ages ago, along with asking your kids to keep their feet off it (it’s a table, not an ottoman!) If your living room coffee table has seen better days, you can transform it into a bench if the legs are sound and stable.

Measure and cut a piece of foam to cushion the top and glue it in place. Then, measure a decorative upholstery fabric that complements the décor of the future location of your bench. Leave several extra inches around the edges. Lay the fabric out on the floor, wrong side up, and place the table with the glued-on foam upside down in the center of it. Then, pull the fabric tight over the edges of the table and staple it to the table’s underside. Flip it back over when you’re done, and you’ve got a new bench.

Make a Scratch Post for the Cat

Build a wood base out of some scrap 2x4s, with an opening in the center where you can snugly insert another 2x4 or a log from your yard, standing upright. Wrap the upright post in a leftover scrap of carpet. Fluffy will love to sharpen her nails on that thing, and you may even be able to teach her to use it as a scratching post instead of the back of your couch.

Add a Skirt To a Vanity or Bedside Table

A skirted vanity adds a lovely, ladylike touch to any young woman’s bedroom. Select a feminine fabric, and staple it around the perimeter of the vanity, just under the top surface. You can glue on a ribbon to cover the staples if they don’t hide under the vanity’s edge. You can do the same with a bedside table.

Devise more easy craft projects using a staple gun whenever you’re inspired to repurpose or upcycle unused fabric, carpet, or frames. Staple Headquarters carries staplers that are useful for crafting, including long reach staplers that can bind large paper into booklets. We also can supply powerful pneumatic staple nail guns for building, or a slap stapler for roofing felt and house wrap.