All the Tools Needed for Installing Hardwood Flooring

Thursday September 15 2022


All the Tools Needed for Installing Hardwood Flooring

The popularity of hardwood flooring won’t run out of steam anytime soon. It’s been trending as a flooring method for decades now, and it will only increase in popularity. So, what are some of the tools of the trade you might need for installing hardwood flooring? 

Staple Tools

Stapling tools are integral to installing hardwood floors. They’re useful for stapling boards to the floor. Heavy-duty ones are best used for this purpose and are often non-marring and ergonomically designed with a longer handle and comfortable grip for ease of use. You might have difficulty affixing your planks to the ground without it, so make sure you have one. This is one of the most important tools to have if you’re installing hardwood flooring.

Tape Measures

Tape measures are used to measure distance. Many are self-retracting, and some have measurements marked differently. Make sure the tape measure you choose has the smaller units marked so you can be precise when measuring wood for your new floor. Remember, not having the right measurements can cause you a lot of grief, so make sure you know how to read the tape and measure properly.

A Broom

You’ll want a broom to sweep up any dust you might create when you use your tools. You probably want to get a large push broom with great coverage that allows you to clear a large area all at once. It can pick up sawdust and the bits and pieces of wood you trimmed to make the board fit where it needed to go.

Jamb Saw

Jamb saws are different because the blade is horizontal and parallel to the floor. They’re typically used to remove the bottom of the door casing when installing your hardwood floor. They remove the casing at the bottom, allowing new flooring material to slide under.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it gets you started on your journey. At Staple Headquarters, we sell many tools for all your DIY projects and needs. Shop Staple Headquarters today!