Ace Clipper Staplers From Staple Headquarters


Ace staplers boast an attractive chrome finish that’s great for customer-facing uses, like clipping receipts to take out food bags, placing covers over dry cleaning, or wrapping for floral bouquets. The Ace clipper stapler 702 has a generous 2 5/8-inch throat length and uses #700 1/4-inch leg clipper undulated galvanized or aluminum staples.

Use these versatile and attractive Ace staplers for other packaging needs. They can fasten the edges and corners of gift boxes and other types of light packaging. Use the Ace clipper stapler in your shop, classroom, or mailroom. Don’t forget to add a supply of refill 70001 or 70006 staples to keep your stapler loaded and ready to fasten your packaging together.

  • Ace Clipper staplers for dry cleaning, floral, and packaging applications.
    $19.50 EA