A Guide on How to Use a Hammer Tacker


A Guide on How to Use a Hammer Tacker

Hammer staplers are excellent tools for cases in which a heavier duty tool, such as a hammer, may not be completely necessary. There are many cases in which a lighter and more ergonomic tool, such as a hammer stapler, will do the job just as efficiently and requires less user strain. There are a few tasks that use lighter materials that will react better to a hammer stapler. These are some materials that hammer staplers are oftentimes used for:

  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Carpet
  • Thin plywood
  • Heavy-duty cardboard

Using this stapler isn’t incredibly difficult, as it doesn’t operate too differently than a regular hammer would. However, to ensure that it’s being used in the way it’s intended to, we’ve collected a few pointers on how to use the tool.

  • You’ll first want to be sure that you’re using the correct staple. If you don’t have your guide on hand, you can search your stapler’s model online to see what’s recommended
  • Once you have your staples, you’ll load them into your magazine by releasing the spring mechanism that’s inside the stapler’s body. As the magazine is now hollow, you’ll insert the staples face up into the magazine. You will then gently ease the spring back into the stapler until you hear a click
  • Once your stapler has been loaded, hold the tool parallel to the area you’ll be stapling and hammer the staple using a flicking motion with your wrist. Be sure that you’re using the proper force in order for the staple to completely penetrate the material. You should be able to familiarize yourself with the motion after a few tries. Once you have, the process will be incredibly efficient

While the stapling process itself is an easy one, you’ll get the best results when you’re using a reliable tool that’s built with an ideal end result in mind. It’s for this reason that we at Staple Headquarters strive to provide each of our customers with a product they can count on. If you’d like to learn more about our products, we encourage you to contact us today.