Standard Office Staples

Salco carries a full range of high-quality standard office staples [referred to as 210, 66, 26 series staples, or Standard staples] in a variety of types.  We have them in 1/4" [6mm] and 5/16” [8mm] leg lengths to fit all office staplers using Standard staples. Chisel point, round wire. Similar to Bostitch SBS-3SW, SB10, SBS191/4.

Our Standard office staples are also available in 1/4" [6mm] black, blue, green, and red colored staples, as well as specialty stainless steel and monel for applications where rust or chemical corrosion can be an issue.  Stainless steel or monel is also preferred for use in medical documents that are meant for a hospital or surgery setting. Coilored, stainless steel, and Monel staples can be used in Rapid electric staplers.

All standard office staples sold by Salco are unconditionally guaranteed to perform perfectly in any office stapler that uses Standard staples.
Note:  P210/6 and P210/8 Standard staples are not recommended for use in electric staplers.  They are made of softer, round wire intended for use in manual staplers and may jam in electric staplers causing premature stapler wear.  Salco offers its 210/6-8 Electric Blue Streak® staples which are specially engineered by us for use in electric staplers.  The Electric Blue Streak® [EBS] staple is made with higher-carbon, harder, flat wire to resist jamming in electric staplers being used to staple thicker or denser materials such as booklets, header-cards, and pads.      

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