MAX Bag Sealers | Poly Bag Clipper | Salco


The MAX bag sealer is a top-quality product designed to offer impressive sealing performance. This is the most effective closure method for sealing bags in an airtight and watertight manner. It’s a great product for individuals, households, and businesses with bag-sealing needs.

These bag clippers will seal all kinds of bags, regardless of size, thickness, or type of bag material. The clipper is easy to use and offered at a very reasonable price. It’s perfect for sealing bags containing food, medicines, chemicals, and other items requiring airtight and watertight protection.

You can order the MAX bag sealer and have it shipped to your location at no extra cost, making it even more accessible. Try our air bag clipper today to experience the best bag-sealing performance.

  • Max poly bag clipper offer the most cost effective closure method available for air and water tight bag sealing. Free shipping!
    $665.00 EA