JK Carton Closing Staples | Staple Headquarters

Packaging can’t protect products if it doesn’t stay closed. When you ship merchandise in cardboard cartons, you must rely on a fastener that will keep cartons closed until they reach their ultimate destination. JK carton closing staples come in various crown sizes and wire gauges destination that can handle cartons of different dimensions and thicknesses.

Staple Headquarters sells Josef Kihlberg carton staples in bulk, so you won’t run out of staples in the middle of a big run of merchandise that must be packaged and sent out the door quickly. JK staples are durable and come in liquor finish styles that look good from the outside as they secure carton flaps. A robust JK closing staple deters thieves who know that attempting to remove quickly and make their getaway will leave tell-tale signs of tampering behind.

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