Bostitch TR201 air hog ring gun short magazine. Uses 3/4" D-ring 15 GA.



Bostitch 1 year limited warranty.
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Bostitch TR203 pneumatic hog ringer, short magazine. TR203 long magazine hog ringer available. Uses Bostitch RINGSR15 and K15D50 rings by KHF (USA).  D-type hog rings 15 Gauge, 3/4" - open size, 1/4" - closing size. Spring returned tool. Magazine can be pivoted continuously. TR203 hog ringer long magazine available.
Features and Benefits:
  • Spring returned tool
  • Magazine can be pivoted continuously
  • Short magazine capacity 55 rings
  • Weight 3.3 lbs
  • JacPac CO2 power system available for in-home and on-site jobs.


Flange to inner spring
Fencing etc.

Item: TR201

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