Salco SC760-16 pneumatic hog ring gun. Uses 1/2" C ring 16 Ga. Similar to Bostitch SC760.



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Salco SC760-16 pneumatic hog ring gun. Similar to Bostitch SC760. For the closure of mesh, poly, and fabric bag material, as well as other specialty applications such as automotive upholstery. Uses RING516 C rings, 1/2" OD to 1/8" - 7/32" ID.  Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and GalFan rings available. Pneumatic CO2 Regulator Kit power system available for in-home and on-site jobs.  

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SC760 Applications:

  • Small mesh, poly, and fabric bag closure
  • Automotive seat and upholstery; seat springs, suspension components, fabrics
  • Bungee or shock cording attachment to rings, bits, or other devices
  • Closure of oil or fluid absorption socks
  • Securing of cargo netting
  • Securing of netting to live traps or pots for shellfish, eel, mink, birds, etc.
  • Securing of small diameter automobile or machinery controls

SC760 Specifications:

Weight 2.8 lbs, 1.27 kilos
Hog ring load 145
Staples RING 516G100, 516G100B, 516SS100, 516SS100B
Optional balancer and manifold kit available    


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