Rapid LIG 175 manual vine pliers. Uses C75, C85 rings.



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Rapid LIG 175 manual vine pliers. Specially developed for securing thicker (up to 0.79", 20 mm) grape or other vines, bushes or shrubs. Uses
C75, C85 rings. 


Rapid LIG 175 Applications:

  • Securing thicker grape or other vines
  • Keeps larger branches in place
  • Provides resistance against wind damage
  • Ideal for horticulture applications of all types
  • Use on plants, shrubs fruit bushes vines

Securing Young Branches:

Drive the stakes into the ground. Secure the tensile wire in place, then attach the branches to the wire (at least 2 hog rings per branch). The bright basic material of the hog rings rusts through during the course of the season, falling to the ground, by which time the branch will be strong enough! 

Rapid LIG 175 Specifications: 

Weight  1.2 lbs
Length  5.5"
Height  6.0"
Width  5.0"
Hog Ring Load  75
Rings C75, C85
C75 - for 0.24"-0.71" diameter branches        C85 - for 0.24"-0.79" diameter branches        

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