Rapid 23 staple gun for thin materials. Uses Rapid 19 series staples



90-day parts and labor warranty
Made in Sweden
Rapid 23 Pro manual staple gun for applications with light fabrics, papers and labels. All steel casing and mechanics.
Uses Rapid 13 & 19 series fine wire staples staples in 1/4" or 5/16" leg lengths.

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Rapid R23E features:

  • No 19 fine wire staples 4-8 mm
  • Recoilless
  • Lock function
  • Noise Dampener
  • All steel casing & mechanics

R23E Specifications:

  • Weight  1.2 lbs
  • Staple load  84
  • Staples  1/4", 5/16" Rapid 19


 High durability, all steel staple gun meeting high demands from professional users. Suitable for securing thin materials, like fabrics, paper and labels. Ideal for stretching canvas (picture framing)
Item: R23E

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