Salco Rapid 105E electric stapler, EBS/ Rapid 66 staples



Electric Bindery Staplers / Salco Rapid R105

SALCO 2 year extended warranty
Made in Sweden
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Salco is an Authorized Isaberg-Rapid factory warranty and service center. 
Salco R105E electric table top stapler (standard 66 series), a new and improved version of the original Rapid 100E. Staples up to 50 sheets of 20 lb. paper. Gangable. 220V staplers available. Uses EBS staples, 1/4" - 11/32". Stainless steel staples available. 1 box of 210/6EBS (5,000 staples) included with each stapler ordered.
The 210/6 EBS 1/4" staple will staple up to 20 sheets of standard bond paper. Beyond that, the 210/8 EBS is required. Make sure to purchase the EBS [Electric Blue Streak™] staple as standard round-wire staples are too soft and will jam in the electric stapler causing premature stapling head wear. The EBS™ staple is specifically engineered for use in production electric staplers. 
If you are stapling heavier card stock, there is a 44-series staple head available for the R105E. See R105E (44 series)

Salco R105E 66 Series Features:

  • Adjustable power setting
  • Bump switch or foot pedal activation
  • Safety Shield 
  • Optional table clamp
  • Optional adjustable stand (Must have a table clamp to use this feature)
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Interchangeable 66 Series and 44 Series stapling heads
  • Adjustable anvil allows for outward clinch capabilities

Salco R105E Specifications:

  • Throat Depth  4" (101 mm) Adjustable
  • Weight  8.5 lbs.
  • Length  9-3/4"
  • Height  10-1/4"
  • Width (Total)  4"
  • Voltage- 110V or 220V
  • Stapling (Pages)  50
  • Staple Load  210
  • Staples  1/4", 5/16", 11/32


  • 2 to 50 sheets of 20 lb copy paper
  • Header cards (4" max depth)
  • Blister packs
  • Clam shell packaging
  • Mailing and shipping envelopes
  • Paper bags
  • Trays
  • Pinning layers of fabric together


The R105E allows the user the versatility of switching the stapling head from its standard 66 series to a heavier 44 series; by changing the stapling head the tool is able to staple through denser materials than an "average office stapler".

The 66 series unit takes a staple that is a thin, flat wire designed for graphics use. If your application is stapling paper (preferably 20 lb copy paper, 50 sheets maximum) the 66 standard series would work best for you.

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