Bostitch P3-Ind medium duty plier stapler. Uses SP19/4 staples.



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Bostitch P3-Ind plier stapler for medium duty applications such as dry cleaning, garment tagging and flower wrapping. Same as the Python ™ stapling plier. Staples 2-20 sheets of 20 lb copy paper. Uses SP19 1/4" staples. Galvanized and Stainless Steel staples available.
The Stanley Bostitch P3 plier is a lightweight stapler designed for durability in medium duty applications. Should a heavy duty plier be required, the use of the Bostitch P6C-8 plier is recommended
  • Fine wire lightweight staple
  • Top load magazine with cover/pusher that stays with the tool
  • Rugged design for heavy use with special core to prevent jamming
  • Bypass clinch: one staple will fasten multiple applications based on thickness


  • Dry cleaner garment tagging, drugstore bag closure, price tag to garment, etc.
  • Flower wrapping
  • Badges and ribbons
  • Shipping room/ Packaging
  • Staples 2-20 sheets of 20 lb copy paper

P3 Plier Specifications:

Throat size 3/8" X 2-1/2"
Throat height 1/2"
Weight 0.5 lbs
Length 7"
Staple load 208
Staples SP191/4

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