Lock CR-15 roll stapler. Uses 888/15 1M roll staples



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Made in Japan
Lock CR-15 air-operated top carton stapler. Intended for securing the top flaps of corrugated boxes after filling. CR roll staplers are designed specifically for the very highest levels of production and tool quality. By loading a roll of 1000 staples, these box staplers guarantee sustained production without reloading. The depth of staple penetration can be adjusted by adjusting the Penetration handle set (5 step adjustment) to precisely tailor the clinch of the staple to the corrugated box material being used for a tight and secure seal. Adjustable penetration depth. Uses 888/15 staples, 5/8" leg length. 888 series Staples also fit Spotnails Model 7012.

CR-15 Staplers Features:

  • Cycle-thru operation
  • Counter balancer-ready ring
  • Locking depth penetration and clinch control
  • Adjustable trigger stop
  • Operate on 60-75 lbs.p.s.i. of air pressure
  • Staples Rear Load for operator convenience
  • Low compressed air consumption for economical continuous use 

CR-15 Stapler specification: 

Weight 6 lbs.10 oz.
Length 11"
Height 8-7/8"
Width 4-1/2"
PSI 60-75
Adjustment of  Penetration depth - 5 steps
Staple Rear Load 1000
Staple Size .037x.074
Staple Leg 888/15 5/8", 888/18 3/4" 
Item: OCR/15

Price:   EA