JK20T779L air plier stapler, long magazine. Uses 779 series staples.



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Made in Sweden
JK20T779L pneumatic plier stapler with long magazine. The “L” stands for the long magazine version, when the magazine extends 6” past the frame of the body. The benefit of the long magazine is that it has almost double the staple capacity so there is less time used in re-loading the stapler. The drawback is that, in certain applications, the extended magazine might impede what you are trying to staple.

JK20T779L plier stapler is used for assembling cartons and containers with features i.e. recessed ends, full telescope, double ends, tube end. Pallet lids and bottoms, corrugated trays and baskets, fibre-drums, bags etc. For packaging applications. This plier stapler mainly used for corrugated boxes. Uses 779 series staples, 3/8", 1/2", 5/8". Josef Kihlberg brand, nade in Sweden. Similar to Salco SP50-779  plier stapler. Regular magazine staplers available. 


New features for improved performance:
  • Quiet and steady power arm function
  • 10 times stronger bracket
  • Snag free design with rounded corners
  • NEW Slimline Nozzle: Easy jam clearance


The JK 20T-779L plier stapler is designed for heavy duty use. Yoke made of Swedish tool steel. This plier stapler will stand up to heavy production. Self-contained staple drive and clinch.

The plier is primarily intended for stapling packaging, bags and various types of sheeting but also ideally suited to such applications as industrial stapling and splicing of different materials.

The plier can be equipped with a C-shaped stapling tongue; order number 158228 for the right-handed blade and 158233 for the left-handed.

JK20T779 Specifications:

Length 14 1/2"
Width 2 5/8"
Height 12"
Weight 4.2 lbs.
Throat opening 7/8"
Throat depth 5 7/8"
Staple load 168
Air pressure 70-85 psi 

Accessories for JK20T779L:

Hanger for HK20T-779L

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