Rapid R54 super heavy duty hammer tacker. Uses A11 and T50 staples



2 year warranty
Made in Sweden
Rapid R54 hammer tacker for super heavy duty work such as fixing insulation sheeting, roofing sheet materials, heavy fitted carpets, Canvas stretching  etc.  Uses A11 and T50 flat wire staples, 3/8" - 9/16". Stainless steel staples available.

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R54 Hammer Tacker Features:

  • For flat wire staples 3/8" - 9/16"
  • Only five parts - long lasting and reliable 
  • Large impact surface 
  • Rear load magazine


  • Installation of roofing underlayment
  • Fixing Insulation sheets
  • Heavy fitted carpets installation
  • Canvas stretching

R54 Hammer Tacker Specifications:

Length  12.3"
Weight  2.5 lbs
Staple Load  2 Full Strips
Staples  A11, T50 3/8",  1/2", 9/16" staple leg length

R54 Rear Load:

Item: IR54

Price:   EA