Arrow HTX50 super heavy duty hammer tacker. Uses Arrow T50 staples



Item Number: HTX50

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90-day parts and labor warranty
Made in the U.S.A
Arrow HTX50 hammer tacker for heavy-duty tagging, insulation, rug pads, roofing, displays, upholstery, canvas framing. Uses T50 staples - 5/16", 3/8", 1/2".  Stainless steel staples available.

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Arrow HTX50 Features:

  • Steel construction
  • Jam resistant mechanism
  • Precision locking rear loading
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip - protects hands from scraping
  • Recessed hand grip - protects hand from scraping
  • Surface guard flange - reduces damage to surface being stapled
  • Knuckle guard - avoids surface impact on hand
  • Slip guard keeps tacker from slipping out of hand 
  • Holds two full strips of Arrow T50 staples


  • Installation of roofing underlayment
  • Tar paper
  • House Wrap
  • Insulation
  • Vapor barriers
  • Carpeting
  • Heavy-Duty Tagging
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Ideal for jobs which require speed of stapling

Arrow HTX50 Specifications:

Length  11.5"
Weight  2.1 lbs.
Staple Load  2 Full Strips
Staples  Arrow T50 5/16", T50 3/8", T50 1/2"

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