Salco HR7P hog ring pliers. Use 11/16-in 16 Ga hog rings.



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Salco HR7P manual hog ring tool. All metal construction. Applications include bag closure, fencing, and upholstery.  Uses SR8 (same as Bostitch 616) C-Type hog rings, 16 gauge. 11/16" OD closes to 9/32" – 23/64". Stainless steel hog rings available.
The HR7P Hog ring plier (plier stapler) is an economical yet durable all-metal tool ideally suited for fencing, upholstery, and multiple bag closure applications involving plastic, cloth or mesh materials. It also works well for miscellaneous craft applications as well as securing bungee and shock cording around a ring or bit. Netting used for protecting plant beds from various pest animals can be securely fastened in virtually any form or configuration with the HR7P.

HR 7P Applications:

  • Close off the neck of plastic, cloth, or mesh bags
  • Secure method to permanently fix tags to potted plants
  • Low cost method to tighten burlap on root ball after tie-up
  • General bagging
  • To secure bird, deer, varmint control netting over planting beds
  • Miscellaneous crafts
  • Securing shock or bungee cording

HR 7P Specifications:

Weight  0.8 lbs
Hog Ring Load  50
Ring Size  11/16"
Staples   RING 616G50, RING 616G50B, RING 616SS50
Closure size i.d. min-max
9/32 "-23/64", (7.1-9.1mm)

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