JK a.560B cordless carton stapler. Uses A58 and A34 staples.



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Carton Closing Staplers / Cordless Carton Staplers

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Josef Kihlberg A560B cordless battery operated carton closer. Allows the stapler to be taken to work and no hose getting in the way! Puts less strain on the operator wherby a corded tool puts more downward force on the tool.

The stapler is designed for top carton closure. It uses 1-3/8” (35mm) Crown A58 5/8-inch and A34 3/4-inch length staples. 
Battery life is 6000 staples per full charge. 

A560B-FL with Front Laser available here

A560B Features:

Ergonomic handle with rubber grip
Smooth recoil
Fastest battery operated tool. 5 shots per second
6000 staples per batery charge
Brushless wear-free motor technology
Digital user interface for intuitive and easy setting which includes operation mode and battery life
3 different operation modes: Manual (single-shot), semi-auto, and full auto
Mechanical safety latch in handle which forces the operator to use the tool correctly and safely
Optical sensors built into bottom plate which ensures that the stapler cannot be fired without material under it
Trigger finger detection
The stapler kit includes a 12V Lithium Ion battery and charger.


A560B Applications:

High volume sealing of containers entirely from the outside. Top closing virtually all types of corrugated containers where speed and maneuverability are a must. Ideal to be taken to work and no hose getting in the way.

A560B Specifications:

Weight 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Length 15.9" (404 mm)
Height 8.15" (207 mm)
Width 8" (203 mm)

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