Bostitch Carton-Closing Staples

Salco offers both OEM Bostitch SW7437/ SW9040 and our own interchange ESW7437/ ESW9040 staples (Interchange staples are published on this page). If the carton-closing tools you are using are in good condition, either type of Bostitch carton-closing staples will work perfectly. In circumstances where customers have difficulties with our staples, or OEM Bostitch box staples, it is invariably found to be caused by worn anvils and drive-blades in their staplers. This occurs occasionally with constant heavy use, more commonly from the use of inferior quality staples that jam in the tool and cause damage to the noted parts. Both the Bostitch and our Salco SW7437/ SW9040 staples are unconditionally guaranteed to run perfectly in tools in good condition.
The Bostitch stick staples listed are made in Europe. Bostitch brand are available at extra cost. As Bostitch brand staples are not listed at our web store, if you wish to purchase them, please contact our customer service Toll-Free at 1-877-463-2531.

  • SW7437 Staples

    Bostitch SW7437 interchange staples (stick) 1-3/8-inch crown, 0.074" x 0.037" gauge wire.
  • SW9040 Staples

    Bostitch SW9040 interchange staples (stick) 1-3/8-inch crown, 0.090" x 0.040" gauge wire.
  • SW9060 Type Staples

    Bostitch SW9060 interchange staples (stick) 1-1/4-inch crown, 0.90" X 0.60" wire gauge. For triple wall corrugated boxes.