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Hand Pliers

Light pliers P210 1.1
Ace 702 clipper stapler, Salco P700 1.2
Rapid S51 plier 1/4" crown 1.3
Bostitch P3 plier stapler 1.4
Bostitch P6C-6 plier stapler 1.5
Bostitch B8 plier stapler 1.6
Heavy duty pliers: P694 BS/SP/STD 1.7
Heavy Duty Bostitch P6C-8 plier stapler 1.8

  Manual Gun Tackers

Manual Gun Tackers TP-10, TS-13H 2.1
Rocama 16/54 hand tacker 2.2
ROCAMA 16/80 hand tacker 2.3
ROCAMA 16/ST50 OC Outward Clinch hand tacker 2.4
Rapid R23E 2.5
Arrow T50RED hand tacker/ bradder 2.6
T6-8 OC2 Bostitch Manual Gun Tacker 2.7
T6-6 OC2 Bostitch Manual Gun Tacker 2.8
T6-8 Bostitch Manual Gun Tacker 2.9

  Manual office staplers

Rapid S17 desktop stapler 3.1
B440SB Bostitch booklet stapler 3.2
Heavy duty stapler Kangaro DS-12S 3.3
SUPER Heavy duty stapler Kangaro HD-23S 3.4
Long Reach stapler Kangaro HD-23L 3.5
Rapid DUAX heavy duty desktop stapler 3.6
Rapid HD80 heavy duty 3.7
Rapid HD110 heavy duty 3.8
Rapid HD220 heavy duty 3.9
Stago SUPER heavy duty staplers: H-22 3.10

  Electric Office Staplers & Booklet Makers

B8E Bostitch electric stapler 4.1
90E Rapid electric stapler (cassette) 4.2
5050, 5080 Rapid electric stapler (cassette) 4.3
Staplex S-700-1NHL long reach electric staplers 4.4
Staplex SU-100N, -100NA Heavy Duty electric staplers 4.5
Salco R105E electric stapler 4.6
Salco R 105E Gangster © electric staplers (dual-head) 4.7
Salco R106E electric stapler 4.8
Salco R106E Gangster © electric staplers (dual-head) 4.9
MBM JR Booklet maker (semi-automatic) 4.10
MBM Autobook Booklet maker (automatic) 4.11

  Electric Staple & Nail Guns

Arrow CT50K Cordless Staple Gun (discontinued) 5.1
Arrow ETFX50 Staple & Nail Gun 5.2
Arrow ET2025 electric tacker / brad nail gun 5.3
Arrow ET50RED electric tacker 5.4
Arrow ET501 electric stapler / brad nail gun 5.5
F15/7116 Electric Tacker / Brad Nailer (#7 staples) 5.6
F15/8016 Electric Tacker / Brad Nailer (#80 staples) 5.7
F15/ T50 Electric Tacker / Brad Nailer (T50 type) 5.8
Maestry ME-54 Electric Tacker narrow crown 5.9

  Hammer tackers

A19 Salco light duty hammer tacker 6.1
A11 Salco heavy duty hammer tacker 6.1
H30-6 Bostitch hammer tacker light duty 6.2
H30-8 Bostitch hammer tacker heavy duty 6.3
R311 Rapid hammer tacker heavy duty 6.4
PC2K Bostitch hammer tacker Super heavy duty 6.5
HTX50 Arrow hammer tacker Super heavy duty 6.6
R54 Rapid hammer tacker Super heavy duty 6.7
HT50RED Arrow hammer tacker heavy duty 6.8

  Pneumatic Staple Guns, Pinners and Bradders

Fasco Fine Wire Air staple guns:  
   Wide Crown staple guns 7.1
   Medium Crown staple guns 7.2
   Narrow Crown staple guns 7.3
Spotnails Light Duty Air staple guns - Gun Tackers *NEW* 7.4
Fasco Medium Duty Air staple guns 7.4
Fasco Heavy Duty Air staple guns 7.5
JK35-590 tacker wide crown 7.7
JK20-670 tacker fine wire 3/8" crown 7.9
JK20-680 tacker fine wire 1/2" crown 7.8
Fasco 23 Ga Micro Pinners / Bradders 7.9

  Pneumatic Plier Staplers

JK20T-777L Josef Kihlberg plier stapler 8.1
Salco -777 series pliers 8.2
JK20T-779L Josef Kihlberg plier stapler 8.3
Salco 779 series plier staplers 8.4
Fasco F1B 15-60 (similar to JK20T-64L) 8.5
JK 35T-590 1-inch Crown Staple Gun 8.6
Bostitch P51-5B 8.7
Salco SP50-5B and B-type anvil pliers 8.8
Bostitch P51-10B 8.9
Bostitch P51CR-10B Right C-blade 8.7
Bostitch P51CL-10B Left C-blade 8.7
Salco SP50-10B and special B-type anvil pliers 8.10
Salco SP50CR-5B,S P50CL-5B pliers with c-curved blade 8.11
Salco SP50CR-10B, SP50CL-10B pliers with c-curved blade 8.12
Salco SP50CR-777, SP50CL-777 pliers with c-curved blade 8.13
Salco SP50CR-779, SP50CL-779 pliers with c-curved blade 8.14
Bostitch Air Plier Stapler JB600 (same as P694) 8.15

  Picture Frame staplers

Salco M515 flexi point driver for easel-back framing (hand) 9.1
Salco P515 brad nailer (air). Uses M515 Flexi Points 9.2
Salco F18 brad nailer for easel-back framing (hand) 9.3
Salco F18 PN picture frame tacker (air) for easel-back framing (air) 9.4

  Hog Ring Pliers & Sealers

Manual Hog Ring Tools:  
P7 Bostitch Hog Ring pliers 10.1
HFP9 Bostitch Hog Ring pliers 10.2
Salco HR 7P hog ring pliers 10.3
Max Packner HR-PS bag sealer (manual) 10.4
Bostitch RINGER9/16 D-type 10.5
KHF G22 hog ringer D-type 10.6
Vine Pliers Rapid LIG 150 10.7
Vine Pliers Rapid LIG 175 10.8
Pneumatic Hog Ring Tools:  
Max Packner HR-AVII(W)/713 bag sealer (air) 10.9
KHF Hog Ring Tool (air) 10.10
Bostitch SC760,Salco SC760-16 hog ring tools (air) 10.11
Bostitch SC761 hog ring tool (air) 10.12
Bostitch SC743,Salco SC743-16 hog ring tools (air) 10.13
Bostitch SC7, Salco SC7-15, Salco SC7E-15 hog ring tools (air) 10.14
Bostitch SC7C, Salco SC7C-15 hog ring sealers (air) 10.15
Bostitch TR203 Hog Ring Sealer D-type (air) *NEW* 10.16

  Top Carton staplers

Manual Carton Staplers:  
Salco BH-32 / -35 11.1
Salco MBH-32H / -35H 11.2
JK560, JK561 manual 11.3
Air Carton Staplers:  
Salco BA-32 / BA-35 11.4
Salco BA-3222 / BA-3522 11.5
JK561-15 PN / JK561-18 PN 11.6
Bostitch DS-3219 11.7
Roll Staplers (coil):  
Bostitch D62ADC 11.8
Lock CR-15, CR-18 11.9
Salco RF-888 11.10
Tri-Wall Staplers:  
Salco LJ 32 Tri-Wall carton stapler (Lock) 11.11
Salco TW 32, 38 Tri-Wall carton staplers 11.12

  Bottom & Tray Carton staplers

JK B561 Foot Operated 12.1
JK B560 Foot operated 12.1
Salco B561A Foot operated 12.1
JK B561 PN Air operated 12.2
Salco B561 PN Air operated 12.2
Salco B561A PN Air operated 12.2
FC96EC Bostitch Electric stapler 12.3
Side and Tray Carton Staplers - Floor Models:  
JK F561 Foot operated (side and tray) 12.4
Salco F561A Foot operated (side and tray) 12.4
JK F561PN Air Operated (side and tray) 12.5
Salco F561PN Air Operated (side and tray) 12.5
Salco F561A PN Air Operated (side and tray) 12.5
Tray Carton Staplers - Hand Held Models:  
Bostitch plier staplers   P51-5B 12.6
Bostitch plier staplers   P51-10B 12.7
Salco P50-5B, P50CR-5B, P50CL-5B (c-curved blade) 12.8
Salco P50-10B, P50CR-10B, P50CL-10B (c-curved blade) 12.9
Salco SP50CR-777, SP50CL-777 (c-curved blade) 12.10
Salco SP50CR-779, SP50CL-779 (c-curved blade) 12.10

  Other Carton staplers

Corrugated to wood JK35 tacker, JK35T air pliers 13.1
Heavy duty "Lock" roll feed carton stapling heads 13.2
Tape dispenser, carton sealing tape 13.5
High tensile Steel strapping tool 13.9
How to choose carton staples 13.6
How to choose carton staplers 13.8

  Staples, Hog Rings, Wire

Office Staples 14.1
Industrial staples 14.2
Carton Closing staples 14.3
SPENAX© hog rings 14.4
MAX hog rings (Aluminum) 14.5
Stainless steel staples 14.6
Book binding wire - tin alloy/electro-galvanized 14.7
Stitching wire for carton packaging 13.8
Brads, Points, Pins, Tacks 13.8

Industrial staples by Wire size:

Fine wire staples 20-22 GA 14.16
Medium duty staples 18 GA 14.18
Heavy duty staples 15-16 GA 14.19
Special Order staples D

  Paper Handling Solutions

Plastic coil binding kit (spiral binding) 15.1
Light duty Paper Punch 15.2
Heavy duty Paper Punch 15.3

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