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Buying the correct stapler for a specific application requires carefully matching the stapler and staple to the intended job. You probably need informed and expert advice. We have been exclusively in the stapling products business for more than 65 years. We are dedicated to matching customer needs with the best stapler and staple to meet those needs.

Salco Inc. offers a complete selection of heavy-duty office, commercial, and industrial staplers, staples, and related products. We maintain a comprehensive inventory and most products ship from us the same day they are ordered.

Our stapling products will meet or exceed your requirements at competitive prices. Unmatched customer service and full after-sales parts and repairs.

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Ask the expert in stapling applications

- I build and repair custom poker tables. I am stapling a felt or vinyl product to plywood and pressed board materials. I have no problem when I staple into plywood. When I try stapling into the pressed wood it appears to be too hard to get the staples to go all the way into the board. Most staples go part way in and bend over and have to be pulled out and tried again. I use an electric Arrow ETFX50 gun. I am using 1/4 in 6mm #504 Arrow T50 staples. I also use 8mm staples. My question is, do I need a stronger staple gun or stronger staples? Or both? Do they make stronger staples?

The Expert: - Certain press-board materials are very hard and present difficulties for electric gun tacker staplers. In those applications it is often necessary to switch to a pneumatic stapler using a heavier-gauge staple.

Before determining that, try a test with your present electric stapler: with one hand firmly pressed palm-down on the top of the stapler, staple into the material being used. This is to prevent recoil of the stapler off the surface of the material which wastes energy that otherwise is used to drive the staple flush. If the staple still buckles, or jams in the stapler, you'll need to step up in staple gauge and the associated stapler[s].

It is not necessary to have an air-compressor in order to use a pneumatic stapler; we have a very convenient and efficient CO2 portable cartridge power kit that is economically priced at $99. Please click on the links for further details and information:

- I need advice. We have that Atro stapler(below) in earlier email, we have to staple together roughly a little less than a 1/2" of corrugated sheets together. What is your opinion on which pneumatic pliers would meet our needs.

The Expert: - We recommend either the Salco SP50-10B or the Salco SP50-777. Both use staples suitable for corrugated applications. We also carry the premium priced Bostitch SP51-10B which uses the same SB103020 staple as the SP50-10B. Click on the link for further information and pricing: Industrial Staplers. You can purchase online or by calling our customer service toll-free at 1-877-463-2531. Orders placed before 4:00 pm ET. will ship the same day.

- Which staples would I get for the R106E? I know the 1/4" would be cutting it close for the number of sheets we have to staple. I just want standard staples. I don't know the difference between the flat wire and standard staples. Could you let me know? Thanks.

The Expert: - The 210/6 EBS 1/4" staple will staple up to 20 sheets of standard bond paper. Beyond that, the 210/8 EBS is required. Make sure to purchase the EBS [Electric Blue Streak ™] staple as standard round-wire staples are too soft and will jam in the electric stapler causing premature stapling head wear. The EBS staple is specifically engineered for use in production electric staplers.

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