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Salco R105E electric stapler is the most useful binding electric stapler ever introduced

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Salco R105E Electric Stapler

click to enlargeR105E electric stapler

The Salco R105E electric stapler is a new and improved version of the original Rapid 100E. The R105E is the most useful electric stapler ever introduced; it is capable of stapling from 2 to 50 sheets of 20 lb copy paper, all popular sizes of padded mailing envelopes and a variety of header-card materials. 220V staplers available, call to order.

If you are stapling up to 20 sheets of standard bond paper, the recommended staple is the 210/6 Electric Blue streak staple. A standard 210/6 staple will tend to buckle if used in the R105E to staple more than a few sheets.

If you are stapling heavier card stock, there is a 44-series staple head available for the R105E. It allow the use of heavier 24G staples. The 44 head is a direct interchange for the 66/6-8 head presently in your stapler. Its price is $90.65. You can purchase it and the staples at our web site, in the electric office stapler section.

Salco is an Authorized Isaberg-Rapid factory warranty and service center.


  • Adjustable power setting
  • 3.8” adjustable throat depth
  • Bump switch or foot pedal activation
  • Safety shield
  • Optional foot pedal
  • Optional table clamp
  • Optional adjustable stand (must have a table clamp to use adjustable stand)
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Spring loaded base to absorb the impact of stapling
  • Interchangeable 66 series and 44 series stapling heads
  • Adjustable anvil allows for outward clinch capabilities
stapling and pinning applicationsStapling and pinning

  • 2 to 50 sheets of 20 lb copy paper
  • Header cards (3.8" max depth)
  • Blister packs
  • Clam shell packaging
  • Mailing and shipping envelopes
  • Paper bags
  • Trays
  • Pinning layers of fabric together

The R105E allows the user the versatility of switching the stapling head from its standard 66 series to a heavier 44 series; by changing the stapling head the tool is able to staple through denser materials than an "average office stapler".

The 66 series unit takes a staple that is a thin, flat wire designed for graphics use. If your application is stapling paper (preferably 20 lb copy paper, 50 sheets maximum) the 66 standard series would work best for you.

The 44 series unit's staple is thicker ; a staple designed for header cards, card stock, corrugated cardboard, blister packaging and clamshell packaging. As always, we suggest you send in a sample of your specialty application before placing an order so we may recommend the correct stapler for your application.

R105E stapler video 4MB 46sec

R105E Applications (pdf)
R105E parts 1 (pdf)
R105E parts 2 (pdf)



Salco R105E Electric Stapler

** Free UPS Ground **
   Stapler        |   Price  | WT/UNIT |   Click  
R105 (standard)      $359.00      9 LBS     Add to cart 
R105 44 series       $391.00*     9 LBS     Add to cart 

1 box of 210/6EBS (5,000 staples) included with each 66 unit ordered.
1 box of 24/6 (5,000 staples) included with each 44 unit ordered

SALCO 2 year extended warranty

Salco R105E Specifications

 66 Series
44 Series

Throat Depth
Width (Total)
Voltage :

Stapling (pages)
Staple Load

3.8" (95 mm)
8.5 lbs.
110V or 220V


3.8" (95 mm)
8.5 lbs.
110V or 220V


electric stapler 105   
stand for R105E single stapler  Stapling fabric and header cards click to enlarge

Accessories for R105E

ITEM                     |  Price   | UNIT/WT |  Click 
for electric stapler     |   $      |   lbs   |        
Stapling Head 66 series*      55.65      1.0    Add to cart   
Stapling Head 44 series*      90.65      1.0    Add to cart   
Foot Pedal for R105E          95.90      2.0    Add to cart   

Adjustable Stand**           180.00     19.0    Add to cart   
Table Clamp for R105E         99.30      2.0    Add to cart   

* TORX BIT #20 required to replace R105E stapling head (not included).
** R105E stapler requires the Table Clamp accessory to use the Adjustable Stand.
Stapling Heads for the Rapid 100E are no longer available.

Staples for R105E 66 Series

(Same as Rapid 66 series staples)
 CODE      | LENGTH | M/PKG |  1-9   | WT/PKG | Click
210/6EBS      1/4"    5M      $5.75    0.5   Add to cart 
210/8EBS      5/16"   5M      $6.40    0.5   Add to cart 
210/8EBS+    11/32"   5M      $6.40    0.5   Add to cart 

K26/6 Green   1/4"    1M     $2.50     0.2   Add to cart 
K26/6 Black   1/4"    1M     $2.50     0.2   Add to cart 

210/6 Monel   1/4"    5M     $28.65    0.4   Add to cart 
210/6SS       1/4"    5M     $26.80    0.6   Add to cart 
210/8SS      5/16"    5M     $28.30    0.5   Add to cart 
To buy 10 boxes at discount
SS: rust resistant, made with low iron content wire
Monel: rust proof, made with no iron content wire. Highly resistant to corrosion more info

Staples for R105E 44 Series

 CODE    | LENGTH | M/PKG |  1-99* |WT/PKG|  Click  
24/6 galv      1/4"     5M     $5.70     0.6    Add to cart   
24/8 galv     5/16"  4.75M     $6.20     0.8    Add to cart   
M/PKG - thousand per package
WT/CTN - weight per package in lbs.

Salco R106E electric stapler

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