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Ace staples #70001 - fine wire interchange staples by Salco

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# 70001 ACE Undulated Clipper Staples

Clipper Ace Staples 70001

go to ace clipper staplerFit Ace #702 (same as #700), Salco P700 clipper stapler
Made in Korea
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70001* galv     1/4"    5    $2.54    2.39    0.43  Add to cart

70001 Staples also fit BATES Model 282P
* same as Salco 700C/6

We have all Ace staples available. Call for more information!

M/PKG - thousand per package
WT/PKG - weight per package

The aluminum staple is a low-cost alternative to SS and Monel staples for applications where rust or corrosion resistance is needed. Also, being made of aluminum, it is softer and easier to remove if that is a needed staple performance characteristic.

" - Hello,
Please tell me do you manufacture the Ace 70001 Clipper staples ?
Do you actually make and use these staples? I am trying to find out who actually makes these.

Thank You
Brenda S."

" - Dear Brenda,
Thank you for your enquiry.
There are a number of companies that make the 70001 [undulated] staple. Our 70001 staples are made in Korea by Peace Industries, which is the parent company to Ace-Spotnails here in the U.S. They will run perfectly in your Ace Clipper plier stapler so long as the stapler itself is in good condition.
Other manufacturers make and market under various private labels or generic interchange brands. The quality can be suspect for that reason.

Salco Customer service"

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