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Fabric staplers for holding fabric while sewing.

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plier stapler P210 Plier stapler P210

plier stapler P700 Plier stapler P700

P6C-6 for fabric stapling Bostitch stapler P6C-6

Film splicing plier stapler 51-FS Plier stapler 51-FS


Salco, Inc. recommends the use of these staplers for stapling fabrics and textiles. The fine wire staples that are used by these tools will not damage gentle fabric and at the same time are strong are enough to staple a few to several layers of thick material.

For temporary stapling of fabric expensive Monel and SS staples are not required; standard staples will be adequate, starting in price at $1.35 per box (5000 staples). However, in the event exposure to high humidity or moisture is expected, Stainless steel staples are preferred and are available for all our popular plier staplers used in these applications.

The P700 Plier stapler is very popular due to its specially formed undulated staples which offer better surface tension and are easier to remove when necessary.

In applications with delicate materials the Salco FS51 Plier stapler is suggested due to the narrow crown and extra-fine wire staple used by the tool.

For higher production commercial applications a Stanley Bostitch pneumatic fine wire plier stapler is available. Call for more information and pricing.


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